fratboytoews lmao ive watched a hundred or two hundred loL

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it kinda sucks being like the only hockey/anime fan on here bc when i talk about anime ppl r like ‘lol wtf i dont understand’

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PYRITE (Iron Sulfide) from Huanzala Mine, Peru. Octahedral crystals of pyrite.

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Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on the the first ten people on your dash. #TeamselfEsteem

my hatred for the hawks, my hatred for p kane

thank u bb!!!

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i just want to make some popcorn and play some gory shooter or watch some horror movie

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looks like tht shouldnt be wasted on douchebags

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its a shame seguin is such a douche i mean hes so hot

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is he even real



He’s not real, he’s merely a figment of our imagination. 

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my kik is auxolotl & my snap is pietrangelos

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